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A full service technology provider specializing in advanced security solutions for critical infrastructure, education, government and commercial markets.

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The Dowley relationship cycle is a well defined process for engaging clients and tailoring our services to meet their business demands

Dowley Security System

Dowley is a premier turnkey provider delivering world class “security hardening” to their customers critical infrastructure. Dowley combines innovative designs, proven technologies, project managed installations and digitally dispatched service teams. The unique manner in which we fully integrate all aspects of a security platform solves our client’s needs and sets the Dowley team apart. We deal regularly with highly sophisticated corporate assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Dowley’s loyal customers trust us because our team of highly skilled professionals go out of their way to provide the right result. Our customers hold us in high regard for our commitment to quality, service and the value we reliably provide each and every day.

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You'll learn about...

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems and solutions help detect threats, protect lives and assets, enhance investigative capabilities, and improve response and operational efficiency

Access Control

Access control solutions ensure that your company and employees are safe and secure by restricting unauthorized entry of staff, contractors or visitors to protected areas within your facility.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is the first line of defense for any organization and a critical component of situational awareness, which reduces physical damage and related infrastructure.

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