Purchasing Cooperatives / Leasing
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Canon Financial Services, Inc.

Dowley offers customized system leasing options through our leasing partner, Canon Financial Services, Inc. (CFS).  Be it a need to conserve working capital or the requirement to finance an unexpected and unbudgeted capital expense, CFS offers customized solutions including 100% - fixed-rate financing in a “pay for it as you use it” leasing environment.  


The Inter-Local Purchasing System

Dowley offers a full range of Fire Safety and Security Solutions under our Contract No. 18020401 with The Interlocal Purchasing System, better known as, TIPS Purchasing Cooperative.  All TIPS contracts are awarded by the ESC 8 seven-member Board of Directors, and each TIPS vendor has met strict Competitive Bidding Process guidelines established by the ESC 8 administration and the TIPS legal team. 

Visit the Dowley Security Systems TISP cooperative purchasing contract HERE

EPIC6 Cooperative Purchasing

Dowley is a vendor partner of the EPIC6 Purchasing Coop in order to facilitate the procurement process for Fire Safety and Security Solutions between the "Member Buyers" (public school districts, private schools, charter schools, colleges, and universities, cities, and municipalities, counties, state agencies), and the “Vendors” through pre-negotiated contracts enabling the “Member Buyers” to receive better value. 

There is no cost for membership and open to all K-12 School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Cities and Municipalities, Counties, State Agencies, Private Schools, and Charter Schools in the State of Texas. 

Buy Board Cooperative Purchasing

School districts, cities, counties, and other governmental entities in Texas participate in the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative and have relied on BuyBoard as a trusted and experienced cooperative purchasing source for years.  Governmental entities outside of Texas join the National Purchasing Cooperative to access BuyBoard and take advantage of the streamlined purchasing process that complies with the procurement laws of each participating state. Dowley, through our partnership with BuyBoard, offers a full range of Fire, Life Safety and Security solutions.

Did you find what you need?

Contact us 24/7 we'll be happy to answer any questions and help you get the security needed in today's world.